Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I seem to have accumulated a few too many names in my time on the internet.

I think my first online name was eero67. That was a reference to two of my favorite furniture designers: Eeros Saarinen and Aarnio. I had a paper zine about 60s fashion and culture named eero (I'm still breaking myself of the habit of writing in all lower case all the time, ok?) and since most of the time online names needed a number, I added the year of the Montreal Expo. Back then I had a Geocities site, which, creepily, has been archived by some stranger, so you can still see it.

I'm not sure when I first started using mylaar, but it must have been a little while after that. The origin of that one is really silly, possibly too silly to type out, but it comes from a time when I was obsessed with Walter Van Beirendonck, so I guess wanted something that sounded Dutch? My best friend James was going by quasaar (I guess that also sounded Dutch? and apparently those would have been our club kid names if we'd gone to college together and lived in NYC instead of Pennsylvania? I told you it was silly) so when we both moved to Chicago and started to make products together, we combined our "names" to get qylaar.

I've used mylaar online the longest, and still do, in many places. My first livejournal (which is sitting unused now) was under that name, and it's what I used when I first started up with Blythe dolls. When I started making clothing for the dolls, I wanted a name for my "brand" so I came up with dollyrockers. It's actually the name of a small fashion label from the 60s (everything eventually goes back to that, for me) and seemed perfect for the mod styles I was trying to make. Unfortunately, it now also seems to be the name of a band, so my google search status gets bumped lower and lower...

And last but not least: paillettes. At some point I started a second livejournal, because I'd gotten interested in Elizabethan & Renaissance costuming. I wanted to follow the lj costume journals and groups, but keep them separate from my regular friendslist, since I was getting lost in the volume of posts. I never did get very far with the costuming (I still have the interest, but I can't possibly keep up three expensive/labor-intensive hobbies) so when I got into Lolita fashion, I ended up sticking all that stuff on the same livejournal. Nowadays we think of paillettes as really big sequins, which are my favorite kind of sequin, but it's also a term for a historical kind of sequin, which is why I chose it.

So... I'm basically mylaar, paillettes, or dollyrockers in various places on the internet. I also have my full name parked as a dot com domain, and one day I might link everything there, when I get to the point of having a more viable online portfolio etc. I need to come up with a better design and title for this blog, but for now, minty blue-green, "dollyrockers" + some arbitrary French will do :p

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