Monday, March 08, 2010

This photo is only conceptually related to this post's topic -- cleaning up. It's from January when I was doing a semi-annual overhaul of the doll shelves, which involves a lot of hair-washing and redressing. I perched the Kamars up there to dry, then realized they match my bathroom pretty well so I snapped a photo.

I have lots of things to blog about and I'm going to try to be better about actually doing so. Since I just went back through the last few posts to edit the capitalization (I'm trying to break myself of the all-lowercase habit. I still think it looks nicer, but I've been told it's harder to read) I found that I can make updates to some things I mentioned previously.

  • 1000 yo-yos project is currently at 254. I think that figure doesn't include the 20 or so duplicates I have, because I'm still holding on to the fantasy that I can have 1000 unique prints.
  • I joined swap-bot, primarily to swap for fabrics for the yo-yos and to shuffle up my years-old collection of kawaii stationery. I'm currently on a bit of a postcard swapping binge there (I did a couple postcard swaps and told a friend about it, and she gifted me with a huge pile of cards... I've sent and received about 50 in the past week!) but I'm also doing some handmade/crafts and mixtape swaps too. Trying very hard not to use it as an excuse to buy more kawaii stuff (because I need to save money for a potential trip to Japan this summer, where I will undoubtedly... buy more kawaii stuff, yeah I know.)
  • Still taking silkscreen classes at Lillstreet. I need to make a series of posts about what I've been working on, which is a mix of border prints for garments, and multiple smaller prints for appliques etc. If you take a look at the Lillstreet Textiles blog I have some stuff on there (if there's still a green pigeon on the right side of the screen, I made that!)
  • Also still working on learning to use Illustrator for digital patterning so I can bust out some Spoonflower action (just got Digital Textile Design by Melanie Bowles & Ceri Isaac) and since I'm starting to get more into dyeing fabrics and printing with dye, I finally got Malka Dubrawsky's Color Your Cloth after being inspired by everything on her flickr for a long time.
  • Almost sold out of the sweets jewelry at the various holiday craft fairs we did, and someone just cleaned out my etsy last month, but there should be a new batch soon.
  • I did finally make a dress out of that vintage repro scissor print, but I don't have a photo of it yet. I'm also going to have to make some posts about the lolita dresses I have been making, and my thoughts on lolita fashion in general.

Ok, recap over! Now for some new news.

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