Friday, March 12, 2010

As mentioned in the previous catch-up post, I've been doing a lot of silkscreening in the past few months. I've been taking classes at Lill Street since spring 2008, I think... because the oldest silkscreen photos in my flickr are from summer 2008, and I know I took one class before that.

In the first classes I took, I did a lot of small multiple prints.

Old French coins, which I printed in a ton of different color combinations, fronts and backs. My original plan was to make coin purses out of (and I still might) but I've since decided I want to applique a row of them along the hem of a seersucker dress:

My first foray into two-color prints was silhouettes of poodles and Jane Austen-type ladies and gentlemen:

Some of which eventually became pillows. I would like to eventually re-burn the poodle screen for a dress or skirt print also.

Finally, I threw in a very Orla Keily-esque leaf print:

Which also was used for at least one pillow.

All those images were taken from various Dover clip art books, which I've been relying on for a long time. I love found imagery, and I'm not very confident in my drawing skills. Recently I've been tentatively doing more drawing, and some tracing, and I'm starting to prefer the more hand-made look of it.

Next time, squiggles, more poodles, and pigeons!

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nice work! love the poodles