Thursday, September 03, 2009

To paraphrase myself from a couple posts ago, the hardest part about working on my portfolio for grad school is getting started. So, consider this a start. A while back I started making these fabric yo-yos, not knowing what I was going to do with them exactly, but knowing that to do anything cool with them, I would need a ton. So my first portfolio project is to make 1000* yo-yos. And then to do something with them. I'm hoping the eventual use will come to me at some point along the way, but in the meantime, this has given me a goal and a concrete project to concentrate on.

This photo is from a year ago (almost to the day, actually) and I don't remember how many I had then, but as of right now, I have 201. Being generous, it takes me about 3 minutes per yo-yo... so that's about 40 more hours of yo-yos in my future.

I'm also thinking I need to organize some fabric scrap swapping so that I can get more variety without actually purchasing fabric for this project. I'd really love to not have any repeats but we'll see how that goes. For my future reference, I'll need 5-inch squares (or squarish scraps close to that dimension).

*Something tells me I'm going to need more than 1,000 because I see losing a few of them for qylaar stuff (pillows, totebags etc.).

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