Thursday, September 24, 2009

In the interest of updating... I don't have time for a proper update (it's getting to be busy season at work) but I do have a number of projects going.

-1000 yo-yos is still underway, although I don't have a current count. I'm going to count again once I exhaust my current stack of cut-out circles, which will hopefully put me around 300. I also need to consider organizing some scrap swaps in order to get more materials. And I need to decide whether I should start making various sizes, or keep them all the same (organic cluster vs. organized grid, I suppose).
- I'm taking another silkscreen class at Lillstreet, so I have access to printing facilites for the next 3 weeks. Technically it's a class on printing t-shirts, but I have some dresses, skirts, and pillows planned as well. I'm especially excited to work on some lolita dresses that I've had ideas for, which really deserves a separate post, but I've got an architectural border print that I will hopefully finish before the class is over (I need to figure out if I should custom order a large, wide screen specifically for my border prints), some vague plans for something heraldic, and the continuation of my poodles and silhouettes prints. Since silkscreen is conducive to multiples, I may end up trying to make my practice prints into saleable yardage, but we'll see how that goes.
- I also have an idea for a "Wind in the Willows" dress but the more I think about it, the more I think I should embroider and/or get fabric digitally printed for it instead of silkscreening it.
- Speaking of saleable (and digital printing), I snagged a chance to participate in the beta for Spoonflower marketplace, so I'm excited to come up with some new textile designs soon. Still need to learn how to use Illustrator though.

Sorry, this post is kind of rambling and more about writing down the thoughts in my head so that I can come back to them later, and probably not an interesting read. But I've got 7 new emails since I started typing, so back to work I go!

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