Tuesday, January 15, 2013

sorry for ignoring you for like 3 years, blog.  but i need you now, so here i am.

last year i took a quilt class at lillstreet - it was a week-long "quilting bootcamp" where the goal was to make a quilt, start-to-finish, in a week.  (it was the week between christmas and new year's so it was a lofty goal but not completely ridiculous maybe.)  we each made a disappearing nine patch - i made mine full size so i could use it on my bed.  my cat wembley was really fond of sitting on the thing while i was working on it, because that's a cat's job.

thus she helped me pick out fabrics:
fabric for quilt boot camp = wembley approved

and baste:

the cat basting method

and bind.

helping again

after working on one project so intensely i needed a little break from it even though i was quite close to finishing (basically just needed to finish hand-stitching the binding on. also my mom was coming to visit for my birthday in february, and i needed to get my apartment really clean for that.  unfortunately wembley got really sick and passed away suddenly on march 1st, the day my mom left from her visit.  i was too sad to bother finishing the quilt because i had such strong associations with wembley and felt guilty that i hadn't finished it in time for her to enjoy rolling around on the finished product.  so the quilt sat for the rest of the year.

a couple weeks ago i found out i would be the teaching assistant for another quilt class at lillstreet (making a quilt in 10 weeks instead of 1) and decided i should at least have one finished quilt under my belt before doing so.  so i finished the binding, pulled out the basting, and washed it.  now it lives on my bed.

the quilt is finally bound and washed and on my bed!

i miss wembley a lot and i wish she could enjoy the quilt with me, but the colors are so happy and i feel so accomplished that i think i can have happy thoughts about her while i sleep under it.

i will take a better picture of it later - that's just a quick one on my semi-made bed so i could show off a photo on the first day of quilt class.

all that is basically background for my next post, in which i have to list all the other quilts i suddenly want to make.

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