Friday, June 30, 2006


  • dala horses
  • matryoshka dolls
  • snow white/hansel & gretel/heidi (this is always the case but lately it's been really hardcore)
  • hippos
  • peacocks
  • circus animals (less the cages and more the little decorated rugs/saddle-things)
  • flowers on animal haunches (definitely getting its own post)
  • soft/sewn/stuffed houses and buildings
  • psychedelic rock posters
techniques to really work on
  • silkscreen/gocco
  • embroidery
  • fabric printing/textile design methods
thanks for listening. i hope to report progress soon.

1 comment:

Melissa Z Monroe said...

Hello there! I am so glad you choose my mug and saucer for your raffle. I won two raffles myself and I really felt like it was my lucky day. The mug and saucer are completely safe for eating and drinking. They both can be used in the dish washer and microwave. They are stoneware and can take a good amount of abuse. The little dishes I made actually turned out to be my best seller of the day and I sold out of most of the brown. I would use the little dish for soy sauce and wasbi for my sushi. ENJOY!